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CDR Practice Competencies

You asked--we made it easy. View the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) Practice Competency Spheres by course subject cateory. Practice Competencies and Performance Indicators
that fall under the Practice Competency Spheres listed are applicable for that course subject category.


For instance, Counseling > Practice Competency Sphere 1 > Applicable Practice Competency 1.1 RDN: Identifies with and adheres to the code of ethics for the profession > Applicable Performance Indicator 1.1.1 RDN: 1.1.8 Adheres to the Standards of Professional Performance for RDNs.

For more info and descriptions, view the CDR publication here.

Interpreting the Practice Competency Spheres

  • Sphere 1: Ethics and Professionalism
    Accepts responsibility and accountability for providing competent, ethical, customer-centered nutrition and dietetics services.

  • Sphere 2: Communications
    Communicates and collaborates with others to achieve common goals and enhance relationships in the provision of nutrition and dietetics services.

  • Sphere 3: Leadership and Advocacy
    Assumes leadership and advocacy responsibilities to promote and enhance nutrition and dietetics services, and to guide change to impact political, social and commercial environments.

  • Sphere 4: Critical Thinking and Decision Making
    Employs critical reasoning and professional judgment in decision making and problem solving relevant to RDN and NDTR scope of practice.

  • Sphere 5: Informatics
    Uses technology to retrieve, interpret, store and disseminate information in an accurate, professional and ethical manner for the delivery of nutrition and dietetics services.

  • Sphere 6: Research, Evidence-Informed Practice and Quality Improvement
    Integrates research methodology, evidence-informed practice, evaluation and quality principles to maintain, improve and advance nutrition and dietetics practice and services.

  • Sphere 7: Safety and Risk Management
    Applies risk management and safety principles for the protection of the public.

  • Sphere 8: Food, Nutrition and Dietetics and Physical Activity
    Uses current knowledge and skills to convey the specific application of food and nutrition sciences and physical activity in the dietetics profession.

  • Sphere 9: Education and Counseling
    RDN: Provides education and counseling to meet the learning needs of students and customers. NDTR: Provides education to meet the learning needs of students and customers.

  • Sphere 10: Clinical Care
    Provides safe, effective and ethical medical nutrition therapy to assist the client in establishing and achieving individual health and nutrition goals tailored to prevent and/or manage disease, injury or condition.

  • Sphere 11: Business, Industry and Product Development and Marketing
    Applies nutrition expertise and ethical principles when developing, advertising, selling, and marketing products and services.

  • Sphere 12: Community and Population Health
    Provides nutrition and dietetics services to promote health and wellness and to prevent disease in communities and populations.

  • Sphere 13: Foodservice Management
    Applies foodservice systems management principles in safe delivery of food and water.

  • Sphere 14: Organization Management
    Applies principles of food and nutrition management to support the organization’s mission, vision and strategic plan to improve customer service.

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