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Develop a patient-centered perspective regarding weight loss, that includes the optimal criteria to enable weight loss, while considering how specific foods affect health and longevity. Identify the key ingredients of the ideal weight-loss diet―factors such as calorie density, the insulin index, and the impact of foods on our gut microbiome―and understand how plant-based eating is crucial to our success.

Identify and implement twenty-one weight-loss accelerators that integrate the latest discoveries in chronobiology to maximize natural fat-burning capabilities. Develop the ultimate weight loss guide from the ground up, taking a timeless, proactive approach that can stand up to any new trend.Harness the evidence-based research and help your clients master weight loss with a simple, healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Learning Objectives

  • Implement an evidence-based client program for weight loss, health and longevity.
  • Identify food characteristics such as calorie density, insulin index and gut microbiome influencers.
  • Articulate updated research data in obesity prevention and treatment, such as chronobiology and fat oxidation/metabolism.

Exam: 140 multiple choice questions. Downloadable. Unlimited retakes. View our "How It Works" video.
Kindle eBook: 9183 KB. ASIN: B07LF6GFRR. Accessible in the U.S. only.
Book: Hardcover, 608pp. Dec 2019. ISBN-13: 978-1250199225

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