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Be An Ambassador360

Got what it takes?
Are you a credentialed professional within your industry?  Do you have at least 2,000 Instagram followers? 


What does an Ambassador360 do?

  • Promote us via a weekly social media post. 

  • Share your education experience through your social media post.

  • Repost our marketing events and sales campaigns.

How it works...or what's in it for you.

  • Create an income stream. 
    Offer a unique and customized discount code (that we provide) to followers. This helps us track when your followers purchase a course from us--and you receive a portion of sales.

  • Expand your social media profile identity.
    Establish and promote yourself as an opinion leader in professional education. Your credibility will be further solidified, and your radius of influence will expand and deepen.

  • Get more social media followers.
    Create organic growth for your social media platform.

  • Develop your niche network.
    When you
    align yourself with cutting-edge, accredited education for professionals, you'll expand your opportunities as you network with us and our followers.

  • Enjoy generous discounts. 
    As a credentialed professional, you need continuing education. Save on all your education with a 20% discount--and fulfill your mandated professional education--while sharing your experience. 

Still interested?  View the Ambassador360 application here.

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