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Get the pack--save 10% (as compared to individual course purchase). Includes specially selected new and notable courses. Simplify your continuing education experience with a course pack that fulfills 50 CPEU required for your professional renewal.

Empty Plate Be challenged to examine your plate, scrape it clean if needed, and begin to fill it with the understanding that the mind and body are inseparable....View more 20 CPEU
The Future of Nutrition T. Colin Campbell cuts through the noise with an in-depth analysis of our historical relationship to the food we eat, the source of our present information overload, and what our current path means for the future—both for individual health and society as a whole...View more 15 CPEU
The Essential Guide to Adaptogens Explore the history of adaptogens and learn about their wide range of benefits, and how they can be harnessed to benefit immune health, sleep, hormone balance, brain function, and energy...View more 15 CPEU
Total 50 CPEU
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