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Outsmarting Course Pack

Craving & Overeating | 50 CPEU
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Get this convenient and specially designed course pack--save over 30% on exams. Simplify your continuing education experience with this course pack designed for your registration renewal. What's included:

Scarcity Brain Are we hardwired to crave more? From food and stuff to information and influence, why can’t we ever get enough? | 15 CPEU View more
I'm So Effing Hungry This science-based plan is designed to take charge of health and cravings, without feeling deprived. | 15 CPEU View more
Anti-Diet Help your clients reclaim their money, health, and happiness from the toxic diet culture with groundbreaking strategies from a registered dietitian... | 15 CPEU View more
Beat the Binge Almost 3 million Americans experience impulsive binge eating. The majority try to battle it alone, relying simply on willpower, and eventually giving up altogether. | 5 CPEU View more
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