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New and Notable Course Pack [NEW]

Update Yourself | 50 CPEU
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Get the course pack--save 20% on exams (as compared to individual purchase). Includes specially selected and New and Notable courses. Simplify your continuing education experience with a 50 CPEU course pack designed for your registration renewal.

  • Outlive Learn from the professional’s operating manual for longevity and explore the latest science to deliver innovative nutritional interventions... | 20 CPEU...View more
  • Young Forever Aging has long been considered a normal process. Disease, frailty, and gradual decline are regarded as inevitable parts of life—but are they? | 15 CPEU...View more
  • Eat to Beat Depression and Anxiety Explore a revolutionary prescription for healing depression and anxiety and optimizing brain function. | 10 CPEU...View more
  • Attitude is Your Superpower Improve your life and career with powerful mindset tips for success, positivity, and strong adaptation skills. | 5 CPEU....View more

Course Pack total: 50 CPEU

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