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Fast foods have become the primary source of calories in the U.S. with far-reaching and destructive influences on our population.Unequivocally, our highly processed diet is the source of a national health crisis that is exploding into a genocide with far-reaching and unexpected negative consequences in all areas of nutrition, health, ecology and other social determinants, while it generates medically dependent and sickly people burdened with poor-quality lives.

The solution hiding in plain sight — a nutrient-dense healthful diet — can save lives and enable humans to reach their intellectual potential and achieve successful and fulfilling lives. Learn how to offer your clients a life-changing, scientifically sound approach that can alter American history and save lives.

Learning Objectives

  • Articulate the medical, social, ecological and economic consequences of a highly processed diet.
  • Implement the solution of a nutrient-dense healthful diet.
  • Realize the relationship between a culture of fast food and the medically dependent.

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  • Exam: 80 multiple choice questions. Downloadable. Unlimited retakes. View our "How It Works" video.
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  • Book: Paperback, 352pp. Oct 2018. ISBN-13: 978-0062571229

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