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Environmental Eating Course Pack

Healthy Eating. Healthy Planet | 50 CPEU
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Get the course pack--save 20% (as compared to individual course purchase). Includes specially selected and environmental eating courses. Simplify your continuing education experience with a 50 CPEU course pack designed for your registration renewal.

Eating to Extinction Eating to Extinction: The World's Rarest Foods and Why We Need to Save Them Over the past several decades, globalization has homogenized what we eat, and done so ruthlessly. The numbers are stark: Of the roughly six thousand different plants once consumed by human beings, only nine remain major staples today. Just three of these—rice, wheat, and corn—now provide fifty percent of all our calories...View more
The Way We Eat Now
The Way We Eat Now: How the Food Revolution Has Transformed Our Lives, Our Bodies, and Our World In two generations the world has undergone a massive shift from traditional, limited diets to more globalized ways of eating, from bubble tea to quinoa, from Soylent to meal kits...View more 25 CPEU
Total 50 CPEU
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