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Genes can be “born dirty” or merely “act dirty” in response to your environment, diet, or lifestyle—causing lifelong, life-threatening, and chronic health problems, including cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disorders, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, obesity, cancer, and diabetes.

Based on personal experience and successfully helping thousands of clients, Author Ben Lynch shows you how to identify and optimize dirty genes by cleaning them up with targeted and personalized plans, including healthy eating, good sleep, stress relief, environmental detox, and other holistic and natural means.

Our genes don’t doom us to the disorders that run in our families.With knowledge, strategies and evidence, discover the right plan to eliminate symptoms, and optimize physical and mental health—and ultimately rewrite genetic destiny.

Learning Objectives

  • Articulate how dirty genes are influenced by environment, diet and lifestyle.
  • Identify, optimize and clean dirty genes with strategies and evidence to optimize physical and mental health.

Exam: 75 multiple choice questions
Book: Paperback, 384pp | Jan 2018 | 978-0062698148
Kindle eBook: 920 KB | B072L4DSDC

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